What is the difference between CR-39 and polycarbonate lenses?

With a scratch resistant coating, you don’t have to worry so much about minor scratches on your own lenses. The first but still hottest high index plastic is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate was originally developed for fighter jet cockpits. It is extremely strong, very light, and resistant to scratches and impact.

  • However, most everything that happens during an optometrist visit, is SALES.
  • Still, my job was to highlight the critical factors, benefits, and drawbacks and lighten the debate on Polycarbonate vs plastic lenses.
  • High-index plastic lenses correct all types of refractive errors, including myopia , hyperopia , and astigmatism.
  • It is half the weight of glass and less susceptible to shatter.

Liingo Eyewear is another great substitute for buy glasses online. These lenses use digital computer technology to correct a wide range of vision problems, resulting in sharper and brighter vision. Unlike bifocal glasses, progressives do not have a line segment. Some individuals prefer progressives for cosmetic reasons, while some find that progressives are more ideal for computer use versus bifocals. Just about the most significant differences is lens thickness. That is basically stating that an aspheric polycarbonate is as good or more advanced than CR-39 with visual acuity.

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