What is high Rx glasses?

Not merely will they look at your prescription strength, but they can also help you find styles that you want that suit your lenses. Although you may have a solid prescription, you can sport many different frame types with high index lenses. When you are farsighted, conventional prescription lenses to improve this condition can be hugely heavy. This can cause strain on the areas of your face and head where your eyeglasses rest, producing a very uncomfortable user experience.

Both regular and high-index lenses work to bend light to improve refractive errors. If you are very farsighted or nearsighted, your regular lenses will most likely be quite heavy and thick. High-index lenses bend light better, so they don’t need to be as thick to work.
However, people with strong prescriptions will probably find the additional cost worth it, since high-index lenses are much thinner, lighter, and aesthetically pleasing. Whether high-index lenses will be the best choice for you personally depends on a few things, including your prescription, the sort of frame you select, and how sensitive your eyes are. Some people do better with certain lens materials than others. CR-39 plastic is frequently referred to as standard, regular, or plastic lenses. Some features of CR-39 include low cost and excellent optical quality. However, the lenses tend to be thick, and can offer you “bug-eyes” with higher prescriptions. High-index lenses imply that the lens itself can be both thinner and lighter.

Which Chromapop Lens Fits Your Life?

Your glasses could be more comfortable and more flattering, and which will improve your quality of life overall. Lenses that are 1.74 are the thinnest lenses an individual can purchase. Typically, only people with high prescriptions use these.

  • Trivex could be slightly thicker than polycarbonate lenses, but due to its specific gravity the weight will undoubtedly be similar.
  • Now, even high-power lenses can be made thin and comfortable to wear.
  • Zenni ‘s been around for awhile, and it’s really the initial site I used to buy cheap prescription glasses and sunglasses online.

Thankfully, many retailers offer special high index lenses that you can choose instead of regular lenses. High index lenses are thinner and lighter, making high strength prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses more comfortable to wear. High-index lenses offer the thinnest, lightest weight option for the new eyeglasses.

Rx Sunglasses

Similar to Zenni Optical, this direct-to-consumer eyeglass retailer provides an easy-to-use online shop. At them in-store, you can try on glasses, talk to staff about their high index options, and also have your measurements taken. You may also use their free home try-on service, which allows one to pick five frames to use at home for free. Note that the cost figures below indicate the add-on price for high index lenses, not the full total cost of lenses and frames. Further, because these lenses reflect more light, you’ll likely need to add an anti-reflective coating. This may come with additional cost, as it’s typically an add-on feature. If you’re unsure if you should opt for these specialized lenses, talk with your optometrist or eye doctor.

  • Hi-index lenses are made from a special plastic-type material that refracts light in a different way than regular plastic lenses.
  • If the sphere on your own prescription is +/-3.00 or more, you should choose polycarbonate lenses.
  • As well as glasses, it can also fulfill contact lens prescriptions.
  • Thiourethane lenses also exhibit superior workability, which means they could be formed into virtually any design.
  • They offer comfort and clear vision even though you wear them for years.
  • However, you’ll need your eyeglasses prescription to ensure you get the correct lenses.

Because the prescription increases, the thickness is more pronounced. Depending
For many years the only real option was thick, heavy lenses that also limited their choice of glasses frames. These lenses were great at correcting vision problems but could possibly be uncomfortable to wear and made lots of people self-conscious about the look of them. Opting for high-index lenses eliminates those concerns and lets people pick from a wide collection of glasses. Determine which lens is most beneficial for you predicated on your prescription, frame type, and lifestyle. Our lenses are made with advanced plastics and so are available in seven indexes, that may regulate how thick or thin your glasses lenses will be. Those with a stronger prescription often prefer high-index for thinner lenses, while those people who are active might need impact-resistant options. The lenses for this vision issue are often thicker at the lens’ edge, but thin in the center.

Sometimes, you can spend less in the event that you buy new eyeglass lenses only online instead of from your eye health care provider. However, you’ll need your eyeglasses prescription to ensure you get the correct lenses. If you haven’t gone to the eye doctor in a while, you could be surprised by how many eyeglass lens types can be found. You can choose the eyeglass lens material that meets your preferences and lifestyle.

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