Tint Vs Polarized Sunglasses

Shop for the perfect sunglasses at an area optical store or online retailer. Gradient lenses are tinted, usually from the very best down, with the darkest portion at the top gradually fading to either minimal or no tint at the very bottom. Without the constant battle with the glare, your eyes can be in a more relaxed state and are able to see objects easier in brighter conditions. AnnaMarie’s work as a staff writer for Vision Center spans ophthalmology, optometry and basic optic procedures to preventative eye care.

Whether you’re on the golf course or enjoying a weekend on the snowy slopes, blue sunglass lenses offer both fashion and leisure benefits. Polarized lenses help to reduce glare and so are an excellent choice for people who are extra-sensitive to it or who play many water sports during warmer months.

Polarized Lenses For Sunglasses

However, it’s heavier than other materials and expensive. Years ago, glass was the only real option designed for lenses, but today a wide range of lens materials are available to match all lifestyles. Brown lenses are known for allowing great depth perception. Some people are extremely annoyed by bright light among others have no issues. In both of

  • Take another couple of the same glasses and position them one behind another.
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  • When light hits metal, pavement, and even the water, it reflects back towards your eye in a horizontal fashion.

GlassesUSA has a large choice of contacts, glasses, & sunglasses. Gradient lenses could be beneficial if you’re likely to utilize them for driving, where you’ll need to be looking outside but still be able to read the dashboard within your car. Because they decrease the intensity of the light, however, they are able to also cause your pupils to dilate. This can pose problems because dilated pupils makes it possible for UV rays to enter your eye easier. VLT Category Lens Tint % 0 None or very light tint 43-80% 1 Light tint 18-43% 2 Medium tint 8-18% 3 Dark tint.

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