The Best Sunglasses for Beach Handball Players

Beach handball is a fun and dynamic sport that requires a lot of physical
activity in the sun. Playing under the sun without proper eye protection
can cause serious eye damage, and that’s why sunglasses are essential
for beach handball players. Choosing the right sunglasses can be
overwhelming, but with the following guide, we will help you find the
best sunglasses for beach handball.

UV Protection

One of the most vital factors to consider when buying sunglasses is UV
protection. The sun’s UV rays can cause eye damage like cataracts, and
beach handball players are exposed continuously. Look for sunglasses
that provide 100% UV protection or have lenses with UV absorption up to

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are beneficial for beach handball players as they
enhance the clarity and contrast of vision, minimize glare and prevent
eye fatigue. When playing on the beach, the sun reflects off the sand
and water, causing intense glare that can be blinding. Polarized lenses
filter out this light, enabling the wearer to see more clearly,
track the ball, and avoid injury.

Wrap-around Style

The wrap-around style sunglasses are designed to cover the eyes
entirely, providing maximum protection against UV rays and wind, and
sand. Beach handball is a sport that involves a lot of running,
jumping, and diving, so players need sunglasses that will stay in place.
The wrap-around style sunglasses have a snug fit, which prevents them
from slipping or falling off during the game.

Top picks for the best sunglasses for beach handball players

  • Julbo Hike: These sunglasses have a wrap-around
    style that stays in place, is lightweight, and has polarized lenses.
    The brand is well-known for making high-quality sports sunglasses.
  • Oakley Radarlock Path: These sunglasses come with
    polarized lenses that provide undistorted vision, and the frame is
    durable and lightweight, perfect for outdoor sports like beach
  • Tifosi Podium XC: These sunglasses have a wrap-around
    style with vented lenses to prevent fogging and provide airflow to
    keep the player cool. The lenses are also polarized for maximum
    clarity and glare reduction.


In conclusion, choosing the right sunglasses is vital for beach handball
players. Look for sunglasses with 100% UV protection, polarized lenses,
and a wrap-around style that stays in place. The Julbo Hike, Oakley
Radarlock Path, and Tifosi Podium XC are among the top picks for the
best sunglasses for beach handball players. Remember, protecting your
eyes is essential to enjoy the game and prevent damage to your vision.

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