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“Any augmented reality and virtual reality glasses solution, whether from the major OEM or a start-up company, must meet up with the demand for prescription lenses… The tinted lens actually absorbs the tint color in to the lens material. Tint density means a share, where 0% is completely clear, and 100% permits no light to pass through . A 15% to 25% tint can be used for a fashion tint, and a 50% to 85% tint is used for outdoor protection from the sun.

  • INVU by Swiss Eyewear Group means innovative polarizing lens technology and state-of-the-art materials crafted into affordable, fashionable eyewear.
  • Now, even high-power lenses could be made thin and comfortable to wear.
  • This combination produces an optimal and customised vision experience.
  • We take the time to ensure the highest level of patient satisfaction.

Optotune’s focus tunable lenses simplify the design of ophthalmic equipment by supplying a million lenses in one. The parameters used to calculate the design of the lens are based on average values. The PX+ Classic supplies a choice of three channel lengths. The pupil distance is factored into the lens calculation as an individual parameter. Perfectly balanced, our glasses supply the perfect feeling that you are looking for.

There’s A Swiss Blue Technology For That

Lens materials, it’s now possible to make thinner, lighter lenses. Optiswiss selected Luxexcel’s VisionPlatform 7 due to their “high-quality” lenses and streamlined production process, which includes been simplified to a one-step process in comparison to typical manufacturing. The partnership will see Luxexcel’s 3D lens solutions work with Optiswiss to boost production for the smart glasses market, with the former implementing its VisionPlatform 7 at the latter’s plant in Basel.
He could be now Team Leader of qualified Professionals who the stand by position to reply to your questions and assist you through your purchase. Officially unveiled in July, the new production platform will be able to integrate features including waveguides, holographic optical elements, and liquid crystal foils during the 3D printing process. Learn more about the making of our Swiss quality, ultra polarized eyewear.

Swiss One Safety is an independent, privately-owned Company established in 2000 by Jean-Pierre Passaquay. With over 30 years experience in the industry, Jean-Pierre has attracted a team of probably the most very skilled people in the safety eyewear industry to work alongside him. Based in Geneva, the Swiss One brand is now synonymous with the… It is possible to wear virtually clear blue-light-blocking glasses all day long. Harmful blue light can come from a selection of digital screens, in addition to fluorescent or LED lighting and also the sun.
Our lens technologies are approved for permanent wear and certified with perfect optical quality. Our foundation lens, certified with perfect optical quality for a number of uses. For use in low light situations improving contrast Orange lenses can be utilized in dark environments to provide greater contrast…. Swiss Blue®lenses are made with a special blue-light blocking polymer from Mitsui Chemicals, a respected lens material manufacturer, that’s directly incorporated in to the lens materials. Which means the blue blocker lens technology won’t chip or wear away. By absorbing blue light, this polymer prevents it from passing through the lens to your eye. We make an Holistic approach to manufacture products on demand with consideration of environmental and ecological issues.


The brand new production platform is said to 3D print a variety of prescription smart lens solutions for AR smart glasses and switchable sunglasses, in an application factor similar to traditional eyewear. “This shared strategy will accelerate the delivery of ‘Swiss-made’ prescription lenses which are perfect for smart eyewear devices,” announced Luxexcel and Optiswiss.

  • Swiss Blue® has a standard anti-reflective coating, and Swiss Blue®Trivex® and Swiss Blue® Transition come with a super hydrophobic anti-reflective coating.
  • Duo component technology on temples for optimal comfort in extended periods of use.
  • Designed in Switzerland and fitted with this unique Swiss Made U-Blade pop-up hinge , our frames are assembled inside our workshop in Switzerland.
  • The product will supply to all around the world, such as for example Europe, America, Australia,Doha, Cairo,Kazakhstan, Madagascar.We offer good quality but unbeatable low price and the best service.

Selecting ophthalmic lenses is part of our expertise. At IKYUM®, we set the bar very high which means that your glasses look good and offer you the best quality of vision possible. The standard top features of IKYUM® include ultra thin High Index lenses specially selected by our opticians depending of one’s prescription without any extra charge. Our front frames are made with he latest additive technology. The material used is more powerful than the acetate usually employed in the eyewear industry, lighter than titanium and more flexible than conventional injectable materials. Our glasses are extremely comfortable, light, durable and strong.

Anti Blue Light 1 61 Mr

Produced just with time on demand, with a 14 days delivery each IKYUM’s eyewear is durable, sustainable, and comfortable. INVU ultra polarized offers consumers exceptional lens performance at a realistic price.
We understand the need for fast, reliable, expert service & are committed to providing the same.

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