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Our job is to highlight the many benefits, drawbacks, and variances between both lenses. Through her publishing, Dr. Huang likes educating patients on how to lead much healthier and happier lives.

This can proceed via two unique pathways, the merchandise formed depends on which mechanism takes place. The leaching of BPA from polycarbonate can also occur at environmental temp and normal pH .The volume of leaching increases because the discs get older. A study discovered that the decomposition of BPA in landfills will not occur. Eventually, it’ll find its way into water bodies and donate to aquatic pollution.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Polycarbonate Lenses

Here’s what you ought to find out about polycarbonate and the advantages of polycarbonate lenses for eyeglasses. They are produced utilizing a slower, cast molding method similar to how regular plastic material lenses are made. This gives Trivex lenses the benefit of sharper optics than injection-molded polycarbonate lenses, according to PPG. There is no one type of eyeglass lens that’s right for everyone. The eyeglass lens form and eyeglass lens content that is best for you will depend on several factors, including your perspective correction needs and diet and lifestyle.

  • While many websites offer steep special discounts on lenses and brand brands, oftentimes, prices have already been marked up beforehand to seem more heavily discounted.
  • While you can purchase eyeglass zoom lens replacements online, it’s not a good idea to try to replace your own glasses lenses.
  • As a result, it can be processed and shaped at area temperature using sheet metal techniques, such as for example bending on a brake.
  • While no lens is scratch-proof, this unique coating does produce lenses harder to scratch when dropped or rubbed against a difficult surface.
  • Polycarbonate was learned in 1953 and was first introduced to the marketplace in 1958.

On the other hand, CR-39 may be the thickest and heaviest zoom lens material. Its density makes it simple to crack or shatter, so it’s much less compatible with frame functions like rimless or semi-rimless rather than appropriate for drill mount designs. If you select CR-39 lenses you commonly find that UV-protection comes at an extra price because, unlike polycarbonate, they aren’t inherently UV-protected.
The higher this number is, the better the quality of vision through the lens will be. Polycarbonate lenses also have built-in ultraviolet protection. For instance, some offer safeguard from the glare of laptop screens.

How Much Do Polycarbonate Glasses Cost?

Furthermore, polycarbonate boasts built-in defense from the sunlight’s UV rays, making this an ideal lens material for period spent outdoors. A polycarbonate lens is really a

  • Polycarbonate lenses are constructed of a kind of plastic that is more impact-resistant than standard plastic lenses.
  • They could shatter if struck properly,especially during athletics or buttoning a shirt.
  • Poly is a flexible material that requires a hard coat to safeguard it from quickly scratching, but also includes a natural UV protective character.

Polycarbonate is susceptible to scratches and requires a scratch-resistant coating for sturdiness. Polycarbonate inherently blocks completely UV rays without needing a special coating. In 1953, two researchers working independently on opposing sides of the planet developed polycarbonate within a week of each other. Initially useful for electrical and electronic programs such as distributor and fuse boxes, polycarbonate became a favorite lens option in the 1980s. Yet another UV coating needs to be applied to make glass acceptable for sunglass use.


There are some downsides, the biggest reason being that they are not as durable when it comes to scratches. However, a scratch-resistant coating can be added to polycarbonate lenses to supply them with some added protection against scratches. In the end, polycarbonate lenses have simply pushed the boundaries of the industry and offer superior function and security for many who need corrective or protective lenses.
After all, this is exactly what people are likely to be looking through. Lenses can not only allow someone to see clearly either above or underwater but also correct refractive errors. During the past couple of years, there have been a number of advances in the world of lenses.

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