Is Essilor and Crizal same?

Many of these fine brands of discount eyeglasses includeJ.F. Show patients a visual of lenses having an anti-reflective treatment versus those without. Oftentimes, they’ll understand the concept very quickly. All Crizal® products have backside UV protection. This technological feature is essential for all patients of all ages for ocular health concerns. Systematic Quality Check – One lens (non-patients) from each batch undergoes stringent laboratory tests to make sure quality and consistency in Crizal® No-Glare products. Application of Anti-Particulate layer – This layer is applied between Anti-Reflective layers to give the lens anti-static properties also to repel dust and dirt.

  • Crizal Easy UV is really a No-Glare lens that offers glare and scratch protection, along
  • It is the world’s largest manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses.
  • A treatment requires a day or more for completion in a lab.

Ask our opticians about available Crizal® lens options. Crizal ® Prevencia ® lenses provide all of the benefits of no-glare lenses and help protect against Harmful Blue Light.

Essilor Essilor Eyezen+ Hi

Gain access to Essilor’s many services, in addition to the flexibility to dispense Essilor, Shamir, and KODAK lenses. Independent shops and chains should carry or be able to order Crizal lenses for you personally. Essilor has a directory you can use to find locations near you that sell Crizal lenses. Protecting your eyesight can prevent medical issues, such as dry eyes, headaches, and strained eyes.

Lenses stay clean, clear, and glare-free, so that they look virtually invisible to those around you. You’ll notice fewer headaches and less eye fatigue, which are due to reflections off of computer screens and overhead lighting.

Discover Crizal® Prevencia

All that screen time can be hard on your own eyes and could cause digital eye strain. Eyezen™ lenses are enhanced single vision lenses that provide sharper vision than ordinary single vision lenses and are available to everyone—whether you’ve got a prescription or not. It really is an anti reflective technology that’s applied to a spectacle lens to keep glare and light reflections to the very least. Unlike Crizal, Zeiss is a complete type of lenses along with other optical products. Crizal Rock lenses feature the innovative High-Resistance Technology—a combination of specific oxides proven to resist scratches and dust. Thanks to their High Surface Density Superhydrophobic Topcoat and Anti-Particulate Layer, Crizal Rock lenses also have excellent smudge resistance and are easy to clean.

  • The Essilor Essilor Eyezen™+ Hi-Index 1.74 W/ Crizal Prevencia AR Lenses by Essilor has many marvelous features.
  • The price of these lenses vary, but you’ll be seeking to pay typically $92.00 – $160.
  • On 1 October 2018, the new holding company EssilorLuxottica was born, leading to combined market capitalization of around €57 billion.
  • Launching today, the Crizal Rock lenses are three times more scratch-resistant than entry-level Crizal
  • Truckee-Sunstar has been a Varilux distributor for well over 20 years.
  • poor light, sitting too close to the television or squinting.

Lenses with AR coating must never by cleaned dry, as this can scratch the coating. There is no perfect way for cleaning lenses because any time you touch a lens, you will be pushing dirt against it and scratching it. We have found that the best method is by using a clean, micro-fiber cloth, and rub gently. Lens cleaing solutions could damage the AR coating.

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Crizal Prevencia is really a lens coating that may offer additional protection from UV light and Blue-Violet light. Crizal Prevencia coating adds E-SPF 35 to your lenses, the best E-SPF index for clear lenses. Actually, Crizal SunShield UV offers the most complete protection; having an E-SPF of 50+. This means that your eyes are at least 50 times better protected from dangerous UV light than wearing no protection. I’m sure you have heard of Crizal’s anti reflection treatment, well now you can get the same benefit of the AR treatment with your sun wear. Crizal Sunshield is really a UV protecting lens with backside glare protection.

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