Is anti glare the same as anti-reflective?

​​​​​​​We are proud to offer several blue-light coating options, including Crizal Prevencia, Hoya Recharge, Zeiss PureVision, and Sharper Image Tech Shield. Contact our office for more info also to see which options are best for your lifestyle. Perhaps you have noticed how annoying it really is when you’re attempting to read your laptop screen or work on a tablet but glare … Sunglasses are selected as fashion accessories to include more accents with their own style. Sunglasses certainly are a necessary summer accessory, but did you know there are different types of sunglasses?

for sunglasses too—but as a general rule should only be employed to the back side of the lens to remove glare reflected around the sides of the frame. The primary reason for an anti-reflective treatment for prescription eyewear lenses—sometimes called AR—is to permit more light to feed them.

With the help of an anti-glare coating, these glare effects can be reduced. Glare is the reflection of light from the source off of a window or a screen, which can make it hard to see what’s happening on the display. We are proud to offer several anti-reflective coating options to meet your needs, including Crizal brands, Hoya EX3, and Zeiss Purecoat.

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