Is 580G or 580p better?

Both these glasses are polarized, and they protect your eyes from high glares and brightness. Working for a long time it the bright-light conditions cause your sight distortion. Both the glasses protect your eyes from Ultra violet rays. Polarized glasses certainly are a good choice for people who spend time outdoors.

  • HEV has been associated with common eye diseases, like cataracts and macular degeneration, so Costa lenses are a healthy choice for your eyes.
  • Each frame of the Costa Fantail Sunglasses has a temple that is co-ejected with hydrolite and an intrinsic hinge frame
  • Even metal slots at the tips for sunglass keepers, a good bit of ruggedness that isn’t totally necessary but much appreciated.

Whether you have glass or polycarbonate lenses, they will will have a “580” or “580P” etched into the lens. Lenses on real Costas will will have the 580 or 580P etched in to the lens. All in all, they’re just sunglasses, however the details make these really stand out.

Lense Construction

Close to the glass layer, from the most notable, the encapsulated mirror, and amid the layers, the polarized film is available. The mirror and the polarized film create great contrast and color and allow less glare insight. The lens of these 580P polarized glasses is constructed of 6 layer material. In addition, there exists a C-WALL Molecular Bond on the top of the lens, which protects the inner lens material from water and dust molecules. The warranty of Costa Del Mar is bound, and there are different warranties applicable for Costa glasses products. Costa will replace or fix your eyewear if it has workmanship or material defect.

Ray Ferguson founded Costa Del Mar in Daytona Beach in the entire year 1983. Due to the sun glare protection of the glasses, it featured in America’s Cup yacht racing contest in 1986 and became popular among recreational fishers and surfers. In 2013, Essilor acquired the Costa Del Mar brand. It means Costa is a brand presently owned by Essilor. The completely UV protection that comes with the lenses ensures comfortable vision.

Costa Trivex Lenses Vs Polycarbonate And Glass Lenses

Fishermen will like 580 lenses because the filters will directly affect their capability to spot their prize in the water. Anyone doing a task that requires attention to detail would reap the benefits of these lenses. Costa Del Mar Sunglasses are created either with 580P or 580G . I now have a pair of 580 glass and that is never been an issue with these. Every time I’d make an effort to clean them, they would just smear up.

polarized film layer to ensure a better vision. Their products are particularly appreciated by anglers, offering superior technology and features for men and women who enjoy the sport of fishing. The difference between polarized vs. Standard sunglasses just decrease the intensity of the light. They treat all sorts of light exactly the same, not recognizing the nuances of a glare. Polarized sunglasses, on the other hand, decrease the intensity and block certain forms of light.

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