Hoya Vision’s Guide to Choosing the Right Lens Material for Prescription Tactical Sunglasses with Light-Adjusting Polarized Occupational Trifocals


When choosing prescription tactical sunglasses, it’s essential to select the right lens material. The lens material affects the durability, clarity, and weight of the glasses. Hoya Vision’s guide will help you decide what lens material is best for your needs, whether you need light-adjusting polarized occupational trifocals or other types of lenses.

Lens Material Options


Polycarbonate lenses are one of the most popular lens materials for prescription tactical sunglasses. They are lightweight and impact-resistant. These lenses are also good for those who have high prescriptions because they are thin, which means the glasses won’t be too heavy on the face.


Trivex lenses are similar to polycarbonate lenses but offer better optics. These lenses are also lightweight, impact-resistant and thin, but provide better visual clarity than polycarbonate lenses. Trivex lenses are recommended for those who need scratch-resistant lenses for prescription tactical sunglasses.

High-Index Plastic

High-Index Plastic lenses are recommended for people with higher prescriptions that require thicker lenses. These lenses are lightweight and thin and come with various indexes; the higher the index, the thinner the lens. They are suitable for those who need enhanced optical clarity.

Light-Adjusting Polarized Occupational Trifocals

Light-adjusting polarized occupational trifocals are lenses that automatically adjust to the changes in the light conditions. These lenses are especially beneficial for those who work outdoors or engage in outdoor activities. They have added functionality to accommodate near, intermediate, and far vision and are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. They change shade based on brightness, which is perfect for fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities.

The Benefits of Choosing the Right Lens Material

Choosing the right lens material is critical because it affects how your prescription tactical sunglasses feel and look. Opting for the correct lens material ensures you have glasses that feel good on your face, are durable and reliable, and give you the proper optical clarity while enjoying outdoor activities. The right lens material also ensures you are adequately protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which is instrumental in preventing various eye problems.


Hoya Vision’s Guide to Choosing the Right Lens Material for Prescription Tactical Sunglasses with Light-Adjusting Polarized Occupational Trifocals is a helpful guide to select the right lens material for your needs. Whether you need polycarbonate, trivex, high-index plastic lenses, or light-adjusting polarized occupational trifocals, this guide will help you choose the best material for your prescription glasses. Always remember that selecting the right lens material is essential for clarity, durability and reliability, and to keep yourself safe from harmful UV rays.

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