How to Choose the Right Temple Color for Kids’ Sports Goggles

Choosing the Right Temple Color for Kids’ Sports Goggles

If your child is involved in sports or other physical activities, you want to make sure they are safe and protected. One important piece of equipment for kids who wear glasses is sports goggles. These goggles are specially designed to protect your child’s eyes while they play.

When choosing sports goggles for your child, it’s important to consider the temple color. The temple is the arm that extends from the side of the goggles and sits on the ear. Here are some tips on how to choose the right temple color for your child’s sports goggles.

Consider Your Child’s Favorite Color

Choosing a temple color that your child likes can make them more excited about wearing their sports goggles. Ask your child what their favorite color is, and look for goggles that have that color temples. Having a favorite color in their sports gear might motivate them to wear the goggles more often.

Consider the Team Colors

If your child plays on a team, you may want to consider getting goggles with temples that match the team colors. Not only will this help your child feel like part of the team, but it will also make it easy to identify their goggles among the team’s equipment.

Consider Visibility

When it comes to safety, visibility is key. The temple color of the goggles you choose can affect how easy it is to see your child from a distance. For example, if your child plays on a team with dark uniforms, you may want to choose goggles with bright temples so they are easy to spot on the field or court.

Consider Your Child’s Personality

Temple colors can also reflect your child’s personality. If your child is outgoing and bold, they may enjoy bright and vibrant temple colors. If they are more reserved and calm, they might prefer a more subtle or neutral color.


Choosing the right temple color for your child’s sports goggles can make a big difference in how often they wear them and how safe they are while playing. As you consider the color options, think about what will motivate and inspire your child to wear their goggles, as well as what will make them easy to spot on the field or court.

  • Consider your child’s favorite color
  • Consider the team colors
  • Consider visibility
  • Consider your child’s personality

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