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Steve Madden, Carolina Herrera, Nike, Ray-Ban, Ted Baker, Flexon, Vera Bradley and Lilly Pulitzer are simply some of the selection of eyeglass frames that you could find here. Eat Well for the Eyes Specific nutrients are particularly beneficial for healthy eyesight, such as omega-3 essential fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin E, lutein, and zinc. Fortunately that it’s not too hard to find foods abundant with these nutrients.

  • The AOA recommends a child’s first eye examinations at ages six months, 3 years, and the start of school.
  • Eventually, the eye pressure builds and damages the optic nerve.
  • Refractive surgery can correct myopia by surgical reshaping the cornea.
  • Patients with diabetes and hypertension are strongly encouraged to possess a yearly dilated eye examination.

Complete Vision Care supplies a wide variety of contacts to suit your needs, including contact lens examinations and fittings. They provide optometric services only, however they recommend advanced eyewear and lens answers to optimize your visual acuity & the standard of your vision. We make eye care easy at your Lafayette Target Optical located at 4313 Ambassador Caffery Pky. Every day we deliver on our “expect more, pay less” promise by bringing together quality eye care, fashion, affordability and a straightforward, fun shopping experience. You always get more looks for less with your eyeglasses and sunglasses with top brands like Ray-Ban, Armani Exchange, Oakley and much more. And popular brands of contacts like Acuvue, CIBA and specialty lenses.

What Should I Expect During My Eye Exam At Target Optical?

Congenital Esotropia involves the eyes crossing toward the nose and is the most common type of strabismus in infants. Astigmatism occurs once the cornea curves more one way than the other, resulting in a shape similar to a football. Distorted vision is the result, which can blur near and distant objects. Astigmatisms are possible together with myopia and hyperopia.

In 2013, Dr. Patel opened her first Custom Eyes location in Pearland, Texas. Her vision was to make a luxury boutique challenging most advanced technology and eye wear. As the mother of 2 young boys, her goal was to supply a boutique that offered complete family eye care, including eye care for kids. In 2016, Dr. Patel opened her second practice in the Memorial area of Houston. She also added partners, Dr. Ruchira Damani & Dr. Elizabeth May. As a team, all three optometrists have exactly the same philosophy of providing the highest-quality eye care in Houston and Pearland.

Our Commitment Is To Provide Exceptional Service To All Of Our Patients

Eyeglasses and contacts are the most common ways of correcting refractive errors. Refractive surgery can be an option to correct or improve vision, which adjusts your eye’s ability to focus by reshaping the cornea or the front surface of the attention. If tears usually do not drain properly, they are able to collect inside the tear drainage system and spill on the eyelid onto the cheek. Dr. Piccione provides comprehensive pediactric ophthalmologic examinations alongside medical and surgical treatment for children. He could be also trained and highly skilled to take care of adults with eye muscle disorders. Along with our highly-trained staff, focus on providing your loved ones with the best quality eye care in Southwest Louisiana.

  • For a few patients, dry eye is
  • Everyone treats us well, so nice and helpful with all our needs.
  • In our friendly clinic, we understand each individual patient as a way to customize eye exams and treatment plans.
  • No matter age, early detection and prompt treatment results in more positive outcomes for the eyes and vision.
  • Born & raised in Southern California, Dr. Patel graduated from the University of California at Irvine with a B.S.

Founded by Dr. Sejal Patel, CustomEyes is a concierge boutique that delivers a vast selection of frames, custom eyeglasses, and contacts. We’ve two convenient locations in Houston and Pearland where you can receive quality eye exams from the eye doctor who cares. Would you like crystal-clear vision minus the nuisance of eyeglasses or contacts? Ask us about our convenient co-management services for LASIK surgery along with other refractive procedures. We offer complete preoperative and postoperative care in the comfort of our convenient center for eye care in Maison Optique Vision Center. You’ll receive top-notch, personalized attention from the eye doctor who knows you best. Whether you might need glasses, contact lenses, treatment for eye disease, or treatment for an eye emergency, our eye doctors, Dr. Cazares, Dr. Garvin, and staff are here to greatly help.
Once we have the results of one’s exam, our optometrist will design probably the most helpful dry eye treatment. Your dry eye therapy may include lid wipes, artificial tears eye drops, heat compresses and Bruder masks, or Restasis eye drops.

You can pick from daily or monthly disposable lenses, contacts for astigmatism, multifocal lenses, colored lenses, and much more. Block Your Eyes from the Sun Like everyone else slather on sunscreen to safeguard your skin, remember to put on a couple of sunglasses to safeguard your eyes.
Dry Eyes or Dry Eye Syndrome is an extremely common eye condition that affects millions of Americans. The most common cause of cataracts is age as the proteins within the lens breaks down over time. However, cataracts may also occur in children because of genetic predisposition, a metabolic disorder, and trauma. Irrespective of age, early detection and prompt treatment results in more positive outcomes for the eyes and vision.

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