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Eyezen™ is a young and innovative brand assisting to provide eye relief and comfort to screen users in their everyday life. The second way EyeZen relieves eyestrain is that the lens also has a subtle magnification in the bottom which means that your eyes don’t have to work so difficult while reading. This is a single vision lens but acts a bit like a multifocal because of this nice enhancement. Patients say they feel convenient and much less strain while using the EyeZen lenses as opposed to before these were wearing them. Essilor produced a lens in the Eyezen+ which takes the reality of our digital device world under consideration when producing the corrective powers in lenses.

A person with higher myopia or hyperopia can tell what I am talking about. There is just one position in which the glasses work best. And the f360 option optimizes the lenses specific to the individual distances and angles produced by how the glasses sit in that person. To do this ambition, we place our mission of improving lives by improving sight in the centre of everything we do, respecting the values and principles which have shaped the Group for near 170 years. I will be prescribing Eyezen ™ more frequently in the future.
The added blue light protection of Eyezen Start lenses keeps the eyes safe from blue-violet light and comfortable when using a digital device. Request a scheduled appointment today to discover if Eyezen lenses are right for you personally. Think about just how much blue light exposure the average indivdual is subjected to each day between computers, cellphones, tablet use, and from sunlight! Eyezen lenses selectively filter around 20% of harmful blue light rays. With a thorough filter built into the lens composition, BluTech Lenses block an unbelievable 70% of blue light from reaching your eyes.

Applying For Grants More On Blue Light Filtration: Eyzen+

So when you need to work with colors this option is not recommended for you personally. Despite everything looking a bit more yellow the Eyezen lenses also look a little yellow when someone is looking directly at you. Once you just want clear normal lenses minus the blue light filter coating the Crizal sapphire UV gives your Eyezen lenses only a very subtle dark blue reflection which is barely noticeable. In this article, you will discover out when to get blue light filters and what the differences are between them. But back to the coatings, you can find with the Eyezen lenses.

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  • But a lot of people notice their eyes feel a bit more relaxed with the “boost” the Eyezen lenses provide.
  • Be ready for whatever comes your way insurance firms clear vision.
  • In addition, wearers have improved contrast perception and diminished glare.

Furthermore, we discussed the demand on the eyes at near and the most recent in anti-glare treatments with blue light protection. Blue light is section of the visible light spectrum that originates from various sources like the sun, fluorescent lighting, and digital screens.


You can find lined bifocals and no-line bifocals (PAL – progressive addition lenses). While the new and best technology is in the PALs, most of you don’t want to spend $500 on lenses for a child. They will break, they’ll get scratched, and you may need to replace them a long time before you are ready. Children respond well to lined bifocals and they tend to not break your budget. PALs do have several advantages over lined bifocals, and many types of PALs exist. So, using a less expensive PAL lens design can be quite a decent compromise based on the child.

Eyezen+ lenses also come systematic with the Smart Blue Filter™ to lessen exposure to Harmful Blue Light. Eyezen+ lenses are available to patients on VSP, EyeMed, and VBA. Our patients who tried the lens treatments never purchased a pair of glasses without it ever again. About 80% of all lenses we make have an anti-glare lens treatment.

Science To Be Discussed Together With Your Patients:

Patients routinely have no reservation on purchasing a pair of glasses that may not only be worn for reading and working, but full-time if desired, especially after experiencing the benefits of these lenses. You can prescribe these patients reading glasses; however, that creates a concern of constantly taking off and on glasses when shifting focus at distance. There is a minumum of one other product I’ve tested that i think does just as good job at avoiding the dangers of HEV. The Blue Light Protection lenses from Maui Jim Ophthalmic lenses is incredible.

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