Eyezen Lens Review

So you may be inclined to think that Eyezen lenses would not be something I’m interested in. After wearing Eyezen lenses for 9 months now, I don’t think I could ever go back to normal lenses. No-line multifocal for distance, intermediate and reading.
Every Digital Eye Lab lens is engineered and customized to your preferences and lifestyles, from reading, running and driving at night to working on a variety of digital devices. Eyezen glasses contain specially-treated lenses which contain a high-quality anti-glare filter that keeps out harmful blue light rays. Eyezen lenses filter out 20% of harmful blue light rays. This can revolutionize single vision lenses by bringing the right power throughout the lens and reducing power errors and unwanted astigmatism. Both of these fun new single vision lenses certainly are a great revolution for patient eye health.

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  • They are around for only the better section of 5ish yrs.
  • These features help to decrease the eye fatigue, headache and dizziness that often accompanies today’s extensive usage of mobile devices.
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Eyezen+ lenses can be found to patients on VSP, EyeMed, and VBA. Anyone who spends time on some type of computer, phone or other digital device. I wear contacts as well, however the days I wear my glasses,

Personalized Digital Lenses From Digital Eye Lab

• Disorders – risks related to screen brightness• More than 90% of adults report using digital devices more than two hours a day, putting them at risk for digital eye strain. Eyezen glasses not merely benefit those who require a prescription, but also those who currently wear contact lenses or usually do not wear prescription glasses at all. The Eyezen glasses noticeably reduce eye fatigue, which reduces overall fatigue, and just makes life generally nicer. I did my best to describe the overall betterment of my day to day life feels as though with the Eyezen glasses, but I think it’s something you will need to experience to totally understand.
But lots of people notice their eyes feel a little more relaxed with the “boost” the Eyezen lenses provide. Then if the difference is clear through the eye test it is practical to get the Eyezen boost. The optimization the eye zen start provides is more noticeable with prescriptions higher than two diopters. Lower than that you will see no difference to ordinary single vision lenses. The consequence of this technology is an Eyezen lens that helps relax and protect your eyes. These lenses permit you to view your digital screens more comfortably, providing clearer near vision and reduced eye strain. In addition, wearers have improved contrast perception and diminished glare.

This did make me worry I’d need longer to adjust to Eyezen as well. I’m very pleased to report that I needed no adjustment period at all. Straight away I noticed my eyes didn’t feel as tired in the evenings, and I even felt my vision was better when compared to my other lenses . Eyezen is Essilor’s new fancy name for a specific type of lens. Eyezen Boost is really a bit like a baby varifocal because of the boosted reader section in the lens that’s scaled based on your actual age and prescription. Eyezen Start does not have that boosted section but does still take full advantage of considering your reading/near vision zone in your lenses. Eyezen+ Lenses REDUCE THE CHANCES OF Digital Eye Strain and Harmful Blue Light.
If you spend a good portion of your entire day behind a digital screen or considering a digital screen, I can’t recommend the Eyezen glasses enough. It’s a slow change at first, but a big change you come to truly appreciate when it fully kicks in. Eyezen+ lenses utilize Essilor’s Smart Blue Filter feature, which reduces expores to harmful blue light via devices, inside lighting, and even the sun. Enhanced single vision lenses that provide sharper vision than ordinary single vision lenses and so are open to all ages. Most blue-light-filtering glasses only filter blue light. Experts have differing opinions on whether or not blue light is behind digital device-based eye strain.

Patients Love Eyezen+ Lenses

They contain a small amount of accommodative relief to help alleviate eye strain due to viewing near objects, like mobile phones and tablets, for hours on end. Some individuals have devices closer than is recommended because they can’t see the screens as well from father away.
Eyezen + lenses are created with four different accommodation levels. This provides a small amount of magnification for easier, sharper focus of close viewing distances for convenient reading. Yes, Eyezen+ lenses have W.A.V.E technology in all it’s designs to supply sharper vision than

  • The higher the diopter, the stronger the prescription.
  • Eyezen glasses also come with a top quality AR lens coating that selectively filters the harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital devices.
  • The enhanced single-vision lens filters at least 20% of harmful blue light emitted by digital screens and works to reduce digital eye strain symptoms.
  • That is especially important when coping with colored cells in Excel or color correcting photos and video.
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It didn’t matter just how many people explained they loved anti-fog coatings in 2020, I knew I’d not follow the care instructions for this in the long term. I like my lenses to be simple, and getting Transitions took me ten years to build up to as well. The WAVE technology in Eyezen glasses really helps to sharpen your vision when you’re looking at a computer screen.

There Was The Whole Thing About Making Use Of Your Devices At Night Rather Than Getting Any Sleep Is That Highly Relevant To Eyezen Lenses?

your PD, write it on the prescription and then upload it. If you don’t know your PD measurement, we are able to measure it remotely. Select what Rx type you need; Reading, Computer/Intermediate, or Distance vision. Mojo Synergy UV AR – Added UV protection, Super hydrophobic, hydrophilic, Scratch resistant, 12 months Warranty. Gain access to Essilor’s many services, plus the flexibility to dispense Essilor, Shamir, and KODAK lenses.

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