Eyezen Lens Powers

devices. All screens (even old fashioned CRT tube style TV’s) emit HEV, or High Energy Violet.
Anyone who spends time on a computer, phone or other digital device. Unity Relieve is currently designed for order in CR-39, Polycarbonate, Trivex, 1.60 High-Index, 1.67 High-Index, and 1.74 High-Index. You can find two Unity Relieve designs available, in line with the severity of patient symptoms. Brittney – Salvator Ferragamo with Eyezen 1 that includes a boost in power when reading and a built-in Blue UV protector.

Our commitment to research and development is present in every Eyezen lens. Eyezen glasses are designed to protect your eyes in multiple ways. It’s this combination of groundbreaking vision solutions that keep your eyes relaxed and comfortable. Eyezen Start is really a single-vision lens that uses two different points on the lens to deliver different surfaces for distance and near vision. This technology optimizes the region of the lens that delivers clarity to the patient.

Eye Strain Defense For Several Ages

My prescription is quite small, so I strictly use my glasses for the Prevencia coating . It has helped me to prevent any headaches or eye fatigue that comes with the hours of computer work we do. Plastic lenses have considerably replaced glass lenses because they are cheaper and also have high impact resistance. The lenses that we administer and offer can either be produced of glass or plastic in line with the prescription distributed by our eye care providers. Crizal lenses are made for more than just better eyesight — they’re also designed to last. Crizal lenses are designed with durability in mind, and engineered to provide long-lasting, clean, clear vision.

Optically speaking, an Eyezen+ does share a few of the characteristics of a progressive lens. So, because is this type of small add, prism thinning is not needed, and thus does not create weird ghosts, increasing the acceptability of the lens as compared with a regular progressive. Prism-thinning for of up to 2 prism diopters goes undetected but 100% of patients reject over 4 prism diopters on thinning. And yet, if I make an effort to get VSP to pay for an Eyezen+3 or 4 lens with a plano distance power, they will reject it. Combine three innovative technologies for the best in vision, clarity, and protection. The age ranges listed
The Crizal Prevenzia has a noticeable violet glare on them. This approach works ideal for people with prescriptions below 4 diopters since they usually do not experience changes within their vision as fast once the glasses are more or less tilted within their face.


Lower than that you will see no difference to ordinary single vision lenses. Essilor produced a lens in the Eyezen+ which takes the truth of our digital device world under consideration when producing the corrective powers in lenses. On top of being a digitally surfaced single vision lens , those numbers (0-3) reference an electrical shift in the bottom-most portion of the lens to alleviate strain for near vision. Actually, these lenses are not created for the presbyopic patient, but to help relieve any risk of strain of finding out about close through lenses made to correct for distance vision. Eyezen+ lenses are digitally surfaced and work by giving handful of fixed accommodative power relief in the lower portion of the lens to alleviate eyestrain. Eyezen+ lenses are made to be an everyday pair of lenses for single vision wearers. Blue light filtering technology – This protects the eyes from blue-violet light emitted by digital screens, preventing 20% of blue light from entering the eyes.

  • Lenses are customized predicated on your own single-vision prescription for every eye.
  • devices.
  • Eyezen are types of digital lenses designed to provide high precision in terms of focusing on an image.

In addition, there may be other factors to proper Eyezen power selection. For example, I’ve yet to get a single patient adjust to the Eyezen+ 3. My educated guess is that it’s too much of a change without going right through a mid-range power to make it comfortable. I’ve heard complaints of dizziness or feeling like patients’ feet are hard to see. Full progressive powers are actually an improved fit if your correction falls into this range. Progressives come with less than a +0.75 reading addition, which is even significantly less than the Eyezen+ 3. Essilor is the world leader in the look and manufacturing of eyeglass lenses.

Unity Relieve provides visual comfort for single-vision patients who use digital devices for two or more hours each day. Unity Relieve lenses are automatically paired with TechShield Blue, a next-generation anti-reflective coating that reduces blue light exposure. Eyezen is an everyday lens that delivers comfort and protection for those who use smartphones, tablets and computers for extended time periods. The enhanced single-vision lens filters at least 20% of harmful blue light emitted by digital screens and works to lessen digital eye strain symptoms. Due to increased use of digital devices by people of all ages, many of our patients have problems with eye fatigue and headaches. EyeZen lenses are designed to reduce eye strain by avoiding blue light exposure from computers, cell phones, tablets and the sun. These are lenses designed to reduce the level of strain in your eyes when viewing digital devices.
My first order for an Eyezen ™ lens was for a 29 year old patient who had just taken over the roll of “Office Manager” at a medical practice. Patients that complain of tired feeling eyes by the end of the task day. The goal of the Eyezen; the lens is to educate the millennial on eye strain and bring them into your workplace for a yearly eye exam. Patients are worried with their

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