Eyezen 2 Power

Your PD – Here is the distance in millimeters in the middle of your pupils. If you know your PD, write it on the prescription and upload it. If you don’t know your PD measurement, we are able to measure it remotely.

VSP Global® is a doctor-governed company that exists to generate value for members and opportunities for VSP network doctors. As well as VSP network doctors, VSP Global Eyes of Hope® has provided usage of no-cost eye care and eyewear for a lot more than 2 million people in need. Eyezen+ lenses are a sophisticated, lenses specifically designed for every day use by wearers which are experiencing digital eye strain from digital devices, such as computers Tablets, Cellphones, etc. Eyezen+ lenses are digitally surfaced and work by providing handful of fixed accommodative power relief in the low part of the lens to ease eyestrain. Eyezen+ lenses are designed to be an everyday couple of lenses for single vision wearers.
At McCormack Optometric Centre, it is our goal to consistently supply the very best care for you as well as your families eye and vision care needs. So as to maintain this we have hired professionally trained dedicated staff and incorporate the most recent technology to help us provide you with a duration of clear vision and optimal eye health. Come experience the sort of Eye Care that you and your family deserve.

Protection Against Blue Light

Essilor is the world leader in the look and manufacturing of eyeglass lenses. Our commitment to analyze and development is present in every Eyezen lens. Eyezen glasses are made to protect your eyes in multiple ways.

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  • This helps you keep up to see clearly and reduce eye strain.
  • Additionally, Eyezen+ lenses utilize the Smart Blue Filterâ„¢ feature to lessen exposure to harmful Blue Light.
  • Eyezen+ lenses are a sophisticated, lenses specifically designed for each day use by wearers which are suffering from digital eye strain from digital devices, such as for example computers Tablets, Cellphones, etc.

The more time you spend focusing on computers and performing near work, the harder the eyes are working that may induce feeling of tired irritated eyes, headaches, neck pain, and general fatigue. Anyone who spends time on a computer, phone or other digital device. The purpose of the Eyezen; the lens would be to educate the millennial on eye strain and bring them into your workplace for a yearly eye exam. Eyefinity®, a VSP Vision™ company and leader in eye care software, has announced an extended partnership with read more. You can find two Unity Relieve designs available, using the severity of patient symptoms.
Besides existing personalization parameters, Varilux Eyezen lenses also offer an exclusive new personalization parameter – screen distance to complement individual intermediate vision needs. Especially people under the age of 40 oftentimes mention digital eyestrain. The lenses lessen eyestrain by relaxing helping the attention muscles relax just a little.

How Blue Light Affects Vision

Eyezen + lenses are enhanced single-vision lenses used to combat digital eye strain. For many who want an extra boost in their single-vision lenses, Eyezen + may be the perfect fit.

When the Eyezen boost is chosen with the 0.85 D/ 1.10 D option and you also lay in the past down while watching TV your TV will be a bit blurry. Because when you look over the lower 1 / 2 of the lens that is made to relax your eyes for closer distances a slight blurriness will be noticeable. This is exactly where in fact the Eyezen lenses from Essilor shine. They have a location in the lower half of the lenses that supports your eyes when looking at a distance nearer to you. Your eyes focus at those distances by using a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

Eyezen+ lenses contain a little bit of accommodative relief to alleviate eyestrain due to viewing devices such as tablets and smart phones for long periods of time. Essilor notes that Millennials view and interact with the planet differently than previous generations. More than other age groups, their digital devices are a fundamental element of their lifestyle both at home and at work. They are familiar with using the internet to find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.

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