Eye Yoga Guide: How to Care for Your Eyes Naturally With These Easy Eye Yoga Techniques

Yoga is a fantastic way to maintain a healthy body and mind. Several yogis practice yoga daily to stay fit and healthy. Yoga has been proven to offer several benefits to your body and mind, such as enhanced flexibility, stress relief, and a boost to your immune system. However, practicing yoga can sometimes take a toll on your eyesight if you’re not careful.

Many yogis tend to strain their eyes by focusing too much on a single point, leading to discomfort and even eye pain. As a result, it’s essential to adopt some eye care habits that keep your eyes healthy, especially if you’re a regular yogi. In this article, we’ll share some eye care tips that can enhance your yoga practice and protect your eyesight.

The Importance of Eye Care for Yoga Practitioners

Optimal vision is crucial for anyone who practices yoga regularly. Yoga includes several poses that require you to balance your body correctly, focus on a specific point, and maintain the posture for an extended period. All these factors can strain your eyes, making them feel heavy, dry, and achy. Additionally, yogis who practice outdoors are exposed to various environmental factors, such as dust and wind, that can also lead to eye problems.

Fortunately, incorporating some simple eye care habits into your routine can help alleviate these issues. Below are some tips you can adopt to care for your eyes as a yogi:

Eye Exercise for Yogis

One of the best ways to care for your eyes is by exercising them. Eye exercises help to strengthen your eye muscles, increase blood flow to your eyes, and protect them from strain. Here are some visual exercises that you can practice before or after your yoga practice:

  • Palming: Cover your closed eyes with your palms, and gently press them for a few seconds. Do this exercise several times during your yoga practice to keep your eyes relaxed and refreshed.
  • Eye Rolling: Sitting in a comfortable position, look up at the ceiling and roll your eyes in a circular motion clockwise and anti-clockwise. Repeat the exercise several times, and slowly increase the speed and time spent rolling your eyes.
  • Blinking: Blink your eyes rapidly for a few seconds, and then close them tightly for another few seconds. Repeat this exercise a few times to help relax and lubricate your eyes.

Protect Your Eyes from The Environment

People who practice yoga outdoors are more exposed to the environment’s elements that can strain their eyes. Therefore it is essential to protect your eyes properly when practicing outside. When possible, choose an area with minimal dust, wind, and bright lights that can irritate your eyes. Additionally, consider wearing protective eyewear such as wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses with anti-glare coatings to help shield your eyes from the sun and dust.


When performed correctly, yoga can be an excellent way to stay fit and healthy. However, adequate eye care is crucial, especially for yogis who tend to strain their eyes during the practice. Incorporating some simple exercises, protecting your eyes from the environment, and adopting a healthy lifestyle can help protect your eyes and maintain optimal vision. By following these tips, you can enjoy the full benefits of yoga without compromising your eyesight.

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