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Xperio UV lenses provide unparalleled scratch resistance, cleanability, and UV protection. Crizal lenses decrease the uncomfortable glare around sunlight reflections and bright lights during the night often created by eyeglasses, plus they reduce glare from digital devices.

Depending on hallway’s measurement and the transition between your different vision zones, the adaptation will undoubtedly be easier. When the user looks a long way away, the pupil would go to the upper area of the progressive lens, looking into the far vision zone. If we try the medium zone of the lens, we will be in the medium vision zone.

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Varilux X Series is Essilor’s innovative progressive lens available. Along with providing sharp vision and smooth transitions at any distance, it extends your vision within arm’s reach, which means you no longer have to tilt or angle your head to find your focus. Varilux® X Series™, featuring Xtend™ Technology, is our innovative progressive lens available. Varilux lenses are progressive lenses, which means that they offer both close-up and distance vision correction, but they include a more gentle transition between your two than traditional bifocals. Crizal lenses reduce glare for clearer vision and ultraviolet protection. In this way, the optician may also determine optimal measurement points to check the prescription value of the progressive lenses. Often you can also discover typical logos in the engravings which are tied to a specific lens design at a manufacturer.

Always prescribe the best design technology for your patient’s needs. If a manufacturer is making performance-based claims, ask to see data to back up the claims. Varilux X Series lenses will be the result of immersing patients in research, testing and measurement from begin to finish. Perfected through five years of research and 19 wearer studies with over 2,700 wearers, this lens is so advanced it has 15 new patents pending. Varilux S series – explains stability in motion and how the newest generation of lenses better suite today’s lifestyle needs. Although we are able to still make lenses in glass form, most designs are now made from durable plastic. Varilux Comfort Max allows for forget about squinting in a candlelit restaurant or missing the subtle beauty during sunset.
modern lenses is there to measure the centering of the lens in the glasses. Especially in progressive lenses, several engravings are placed in the lens by the manufacturer to provide the following information. Xperio UV™ polarized prescription sun lenses aren’t just ordinary sun lenses. They help wearers see more whatever they’re doing outside, providing excellent clarity of vision all while protecting their eyes with a superior quality lens.

Individual Progressive Lenses? Varilux Ipseo, Zeiss Gradal Individual?

There exist a lot of different progressive lenses, with regards to the manufacturer. In fact, we are able to discuss treatments, reduction rate or the most important fact; its technology.

  • Crizal lenses are appropriate for vision conditions like presbyopia, myopia and astigmatism, that is a distortion of the attention.
  • By understanding lens designs, we can better recommend specific lens types to meet up and exceed patient demands.
  • Do not switch back and forth between your old glasses and your new ones.

They’re modeled with some type of computer before being physically manufactured. These lenses are particularly effective for presbyopia, which is the increased loss of up-close vision as people age and frequently affects the opportunity to read. Xperio UV™ polarized prescription sun lenses provide maximum UV protection by reducing the volume of UV exposure on both front and back of the lenses. [newline]Xperio UV lenses provide maximum UV protection with a E-SPF® 50+, the best level of UV protection offered within the E-SPF index. Xperio UV lenses can be found in many different solid and gradient colors, also offer exceptional scratch resistance for better durability and eliminate glare for sharp outdoor color perception. Basic progressive lenses follow a traditional fabrication method.

How To Know Which Will Be The Best Progressive Lenses

Crizal uses extensive tests to make sure its lenses meet up with the highest of standards. After a comprehensive evaluation by the nice Housekeeping Research Institute, the Seal was presented to Crizal lenses as symbolic of consumer trust and satisfaction. Varilux progressive lenses will be the most technically advanced progressive lenses available. Varilux Physio® lenses will be the only progressive lenses with the distortion-reducing benefits of W.A.V.E. Technology™. To read more about properly fitting progressive lenses, watch this helpful video.
Varilux S Series may be the most advanced progressive lens design on the market using 4d technology, synchroneyes, and nanoptix to get rid of blurred vision at lens edge and visual swim. Talk to among our Essilor Experts eyecare professionals to increase your vision insurance or FSA/HSA dollars for eye-related services, prescription eyeglasses, and sunglasses.

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