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Our glasses pass the tests of high velocity and impact, meeting high industry standards. In short, you can depend on continued performance, giving you the peace you have to accomplish tasks. ANSI Z87+ Safety Glasses are glasses that have been rated by the American National Standards Institute to meet up the high-velocity eyewear impact requirements. EnChroma’s patented lens technology makes colors visible so you can start to see the vibrancy of reds and oranges, blues and purples or more vibrant greens. HindSight glasses are designed not to show what is exactly behind the user, but instead what is behind them and to the side. This enables users to slightly turn their head to check what is with their rear. The mirrors in HindSight glasses are mostly transparent, allowing users to select where their focus is – either on what’s on the road ahead, or what’s behind.
Plus, we also offer scratch resistant and anti-fog coatings, everything to make your safety lenses the best fit for your needs. Yes, you can include tints and coatings to your prescription safety glasses.

Stay on top of the latest news about prescription safety glasses, eyewear, sunglasses, and all of the trends in the market. We made a guideline on how best to buy safety glasses with high prescriptions. Plus, we offer many different tints, colors, and mirror coatings, to help you personalize your safety lenses to be stylish, comfortable, and protective. Yes, at Rx-Safety you can expect worldwide shipping options. So you can get your prescription safety glasses anywhere.
Traditional line bifocals aren’t very user-friendly for prolonged computer work, not forgetting the havoc it wreaks upon your neck. Dependant on your optical state, this could be as simple as a set of generic readers.


That’s why, at RX Safety, we developed the Ultra Anti Scratch Coating that could be applied at your prescription safety glasses to create an extra barrier of protection in your safety lenses. At RX Safety, we are proud to offer the capability to add your prescription onto existing safety glasses that you already own. Simply head on over to our Lens Replacement page here. You’re walked through the simple and easy process of turning in your safety glasses and having new safety lenses with your prescription put into them, and sent back to you. Also, consider if the majority of your time will undoubtedly be spent indoors or outdoors, in order to add the best scratch coating, anti-fog coating, UV protection, and more to your safety lenses.
The best solution however is choosing a no-line bifocal. The world a far more vibrant and colorful place, and we guarantee you’ll think it’s great too.

  • We recommend the digital single vision for those who have an increased prescription or those seeking wrap around frames.
  • Polycarbonate lenses have superior impact resistance and so are lighter than regular plastic lenses.
  • Varilux S Series provides each of the great things about other Varilux lens designs while virtually eliminating the “off-balance” feeling sometimes experienced by progressive lens wearers.
  • Unlike any, this machine takes seven calculations, instead of the standard two, to ensure your glasses are both comfortable and functional.

We recommend caution adding this coating to old lenses. As always, we advise a full examination if you’re having troubles with glare, because other problems such as for example cataracts may also cause glare problems. We saw the need to develop HindSight rear view cycling glasses because we discover that existing solutions are all too difficult to use, odd-looking, or simply not lifestyle intuitive. HindSight gives you a larger field of view with less head turn required.
We also unfortunately cannot offer prescription right now due to the complexity of our lens technology. That said, we’ve had several test users “convert” to contact lenses since they found the utility of our glasses so excellent.

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The light is redirected to the proper place on the retina in each eye. The mind then fuses the two images together to produce one, clear picture. Prism correction can be used in eyeglasses for some people withdiplopia, or double vision. That is when someone sees two separate images of 1 object.

Cylindrical lenses—designed for astigmatisms, or when the cornea of the eye is oval, instead of round. [newline]A cylindrical lens is the most common way to correct astigmatism. Have a closer look at all the careful details that go into making every type of Essilor lens. The mix of best-in-class technology, high-quality materials, and art is something worth seeing. Eyeglasses with a temporary Fresnel prism on left lens.

Being an official distributor of top quality brands, we also offer a number of frames to your customers as well. On RX-Safety.com nearly every couple of safety glasses in our vast collection is capable of having your prescription put into it. This includes all types of RX safety glasses designed for a variety for work. Everyone’s needs will vary, and the same is applied when searching for your prescription safety glasses. The type of stamp may vary according to what your frame was rated for. Absolutely, your ANSI Z87 safety glasses can have prescription

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