Costco Eyeglass Cleaner

There’s basically no scent as well. I would recommend trying this product. So, you’ve bought one of those nifty little squirt bottles of cleaner for the glasses, and today it’s empty. Should you spend another small fortune on name brand refills or another bottle full? For less than $3 you could have a lifetime supply of refill at your fingertips. I have had glasses for a long time and just rubbing just a little dish detergent in it then rinsing with water and drying with a towel always gets the grease off. If you think about it the dish detergent was created to remove from

I was told it was safe for all forms of eyeglass lenses (mine are transition lenses with anti-glare). Thanks for posting, if it wasn’t already here I would put it up. I work for one of the biggest glasses and sunglasses manufacturer and so I understand how to clean glasses properly. And you should never ever use something with alcohol! It just destroyes your glasses and you also rub off the coating of one’s glasses. You need to get informed before you post tips like this.
I think I can order the Oakley cleaning kit through US Standard Issue. Assuming average use (that i don’t know how many cleaning a week/month is known as average), how long will a bottle of the Oakley stuff last? [newline]I’d hate to run out of cleaning solution before I could get a refill. Have you ever thought about cleaning the cloth that you use for cleaning your eyeglasses? You should always work with a proper eyeglass cloth for the eyeglass lens cleaning, but after a few years it does get dirty. Can you throw it away and obtain a new one?

How To Make Your Own Eyeglass Cleaner

I went searching for them last year and had to ask the technician and he got them from a cabinet behind the counter. Inventory and pricing at your store will change and are at the mercy of change at any time. We were checking out sunglasses at the Costco Optical area when we spotted the Kirkland Signature Eyeglass Care Kit.
A spray bottle is the most effective way to apply a cleaner, and people want to cut costs. So here they’re, looking for a homemade alternative to expensive store bought products. Lotions, constitute, hairspray and sweat can damage the coating on your own lenses. Clean your glasses immediately if they are exposed to any of these things. You can use a little bit of gentle dish washing soap, like Ivory or Dawn, and some warm water unless you have lens cleaner. Use your microfiber or soft cotton cloth to dry them off.

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  • It was such as a drink dispenser but with cleaning fluid inside.
  • An excellent photograph is absorbed by the eyes and stored in the center.
  • I’d buy one at a Sunglass Hut if there is not an Oakley store in your area.

I asked the optomotrist lady relating to this and she said that it’s safe to utilize on glasses with the anti-reflective coating, sunglasses, etc and also have never heard about any problems. Years ago, they used to carry Bausch & Lomb lens wipes, an extremely popular brand in the optics field. They now carry Flents- not as well known rather than an optics specialist. I hope one of these recipes works for you. I have tried them all and know that they work.

Taking Good Care Of Your Eye Glasses:

I think Kaiser was charging like $2.00 per bottle! No-brainer, no wasting $ on unnecessary cleaner. Thanks for sharing around though…I just put you in my bookmarks for other saving tips aswell. I reside in the UP of Michigan and unfortunately don’t live anywhere remotely near a Costco, SGH, or Oakley store, so am not a lot of on buying or getting refills. I have to take advantage of those times when I’m driving through a big town where there is a mall or Costco to obtain refills. I just eventually drive by a Costco today and picked this up.

  • Have you ever considered cleaning the cloth that you use for cleaning your eyeglasses?
  • Here is good information as well as a alcohol free diy
  • Never pay for busy pricing during our busiest delivery slots.

eyeglasses aren’t the very best for camera lenses. Eyeglasses become a lot more soiled, a lot more often, than camera lenses ever do. Eyeglasses generally are replaced every year or two, and any wear to the eyeglass coating is less important than the scratches and pitting you get. Consider eyeglass wipes because the “industrial strength” cleaner. Search for a cleaner created for camera optics, which will be more on the gentle side. Unless you’re a “scrubbing fool,” your lens will probably survive a cleaning or three with eyeglass cleaner without noticeable damage. Only using Ajax cleanser on your own eyeglasses would be.

Never use alcohol on your lenses especially if they have anti glare or other coatings. Same here…vision center thought to never use cleaner with rubbing alcohol as an ingredient. To start, run your glasses under lukewarm water. Don’t use hot water because it will decrease the lifespan of some lenses with coatings. Think of the following as “never-ever” methods to clean eyeglasses since they can break down the coatings—stripping them of these qualities and leaving chaos instead. My eye doctor told me to only use alcohol and cloth to completely clean my glasses.

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