Con Que Puedo Limpiar Los Lentes

The auditor should consider and assess the threat of different types of deficiencies, deviations or misstatements that may occur with regards to the subject matter.
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▲ to tryJuzgarán a los reos inmediatamente.They’ll try the criminals immediately. Instalar to set up, set up¿Quién le ha instalado la radio? ° instalarse to determine oneself, to take quartersApenas llegó a la capital se instaló en un hotel.The moment he arrived in the capital he got settled at a hotel.
—Esta noche habrá luna llena.You will see a full moon tonight. ▲ full houseEn el teatro hubo un lleno.The theater had a full house. ° de lleno fullySu libro trataba el asunto de lleno.His book treated the subject fully. ▲ squarelyEl golpe le dio de lleno en la cara.The blow hit him squarely in the facial skin. ° lleno de covered with¡Todo está lleno de polvo!

La Espectacular Worldwide created the largest lenticular display ever installed in Japan. Modern Artist Matthew Ritchie has designed several Lenticular displays, dealing with This display size was 14 feet x 38 feet, 1.5 inches. It was installed in 20 panels of 45.75 inches x 84 inches which were tiled together. The complete display was backlit, and printed photographically on DuraTrans type backlit film.

  • mucho to be very sorrySiento mucho lo que le sucede.I’m very sorry in what happened to him.
  • trees.
  • ° costar un ojo de la cara to cost plentyNos costó un ojo de la cara.It’s cost us plenty.
  • terms.
  • In order to take away the water-soluble substances, the ester phase is washed.
  • ▲ to get very angry, lose one’s temperAl oír aquello, se descompuso.When he heard that he got very angry.

Sereno clear, fairEl cielo está muy sereno.The sky is quite clear. ▲ calm, sereneEra un hombre sereno.He was a calm man. ▲ night-watchman Esta calle no tiene sereno.This street does not have any night-watchman.

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any way you consider it. ° entre dos luces in the twilightLlegaron entre dos luces.They attained twilight. ° luces intelligenceEs un hombre de muchas luces.He’s a guy of great intelligence. Hundirse to sinkSe hundió en el barro hasta las rodillas.

Halar to pull Halaban la cuerda con fuerza.They pulled hard on the rope. Hablador talkativeEs muy hablador.He’s very talkative. Guagua bus ¿Para dónde va eso guagua? ▲ baby La guagua lloró toda la noche.The infant cried all night. Gradas wide steps resulting in the entrance of a building; bleachers.

Velar to remain up, keep watchEstuvo toda la noche velando el enfermo.He kept watch forever on the sick man. ▲ to remain awakeVeló toda la noche.He stayed awake all night. ° velar por to deal with, protectVela muy bien por su familia.He takes excellent care of his family. Vela vigilLe vela duró hasta la madrugada.The vigil lasted till daybreak. ▲ sailTenía varios barcos de vela.He had several sailing ships.

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