Single Vision iQ

Single Vision iQ

The evolution of the traditional single vision lens

Single Vision iQ lenses are designed to provide crisper, clearer viewing zones than any other traditionally made single vision lens.

The Single Vision iQ lens is made possible by a new level of precision in traditional single vision lens design, which provides sharper perspectives, and noticeably expanded viewing zones, no matter where you look.

We’ve revolutionized the standard progressive lens manufacturing process to produce a more intuitive design, resulting in much more vivid perspectives. The difference between looking through our Single Vision iQ lens and a traditionally made single vision lens is like seeing a Hi-definition screen after watching analog television.

Smartphones, tablets, TVs and even energy efficient light bulbs emit high-energy blue light waves that, when stared at day and night, strain our eyes and even interfere with our ability to sleep at night. The blue light blocking properties of Recharge lenses alleviate eyestrain, and even help maintain your melatonin levels, so you can fall asleep at night.

Single Vision iQ lenses are only available at HOYA-authorized eye care practices

Only HOYA-authorized eye care providers have the optical expertise to explain what makes Single Vision iQ the evolution of the traditional single vision lens.